Environmental Permitting

Environmental permitting in Brazil can be a very demanding and extensive process. Geoklock has worked on the permitting of a wide range of projects, from highly complex EIAs to simplified Preliminary Environmental Reports, feasibility studies and environmental restrictions. In every situation, our code of ethics binds and guides our search for the truth, requisite when building a baseline and conducting a social-environmental assessment.

In services that encompass studies of physical media, biota and social-economical issues, Geoklock works with strategic partners and acts as a liaison between the company and the municipalities, state and environmental agencies.

We develop the strategy best-suited to our clients’ needs, and guide them through the permitting process, helping them define the critical and most complex tasks from a social-environmental point of view. In addition to our technical expertise, our main product is the survey of physical, biotic and social-economical data during field campaigns.