Audits & Due Diligence

Geoklock is the ideal partner for EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) due diligences. We have extensive experience in this area, particularly in the following sectors: chemical, automotive, iron & steel, pharmaceutical, urban development, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and real estate.

Geoklock has been conducting environmental audits and EHS due diligences in Brazil and Latin America since the 1990s – when no standards had yet been established for this type of work. Today, we follow national and international standards (ASTM, ABNT, etc.) to assess environmental liabilities, social-environmental regulatory compliance, and H&S issues.

Industrial sites and facilities that operate with fuels and chemicals are subject to accidental releases that can be caused by various situations. Such releases have the potential to create environmental liabilities in the local soil and groundwater, or to third parties – which may be associated with the unsuitable shipment or disposal of waste materials, for instance.

We can assess non-compliances and liabilities associated with our clients’ operations. We can investigate not only sites operated by our clients, but also those of our clients’ suppliers and business partners.

During merger and acquisition (M&A) processes, due diligence may require the determination of financial provisions or transaction values, considering the situations of risk identified. [Em processos de compra e venda de ativos – M&A (merger and acquisition) – os trabalhos de due diligence apresentam a necessidade de eventuais provisões financeiras ou valores de transação considerando as situações de risco identificadas.]

Geoklock offers a controlled system for the management of documents that preserves the secrecy of all strategic data and information associated with the negotiations. Our team includes qualified and skilled auditors that are experienced in working side-by-side with major law firms and tax and financial consultancy companies during negotiation processes.

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