About Us

This is Geoklock

Over its 39 years of experience, Geoklock completed more than 6000 projects, many of which are considered quality benchmarks in the environmental sector. We have provided services to over 1000 clients, including national and multinational companies and industries, in major segments of our economy. All of this expertise and know-how is combined with a multidisciplinary technical team and company-owned infrastructure of sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art equipment, placing Geoklock as a leader in the environmental segment, capable of providing innovative services and complete solutions to our clients.

International Presence

Geoklock. An EBP company.

Geoklock follows very strict ethics and confidentiality principles. We are experts in international regulations and standards. Our technical staff and company-owned equipment allows us to take on and successfully complete highly complex projects. We are in an excellent position to help our clients outside of Brazil, particularly in South American and Latin American countries.

We are part of EBP, a Swiss company of international presence.
This is yet another advantage for our clients, who can rely on the technical and professional support and additional services from a company of international renown.

A Highly Qualified Team

31%  geologists, chemical and environmental engineers

7%  mechanical, civil and electrical engineers

17%  chemists, technologists, chemical and environmental technicians

4%  architects, designers and draftsmen

5%  H&S technicians, field technicians, probe operators

12%  environmental process assistants

3% IT technicians

10%  administrative professionals

4%  field support professionals

7%  trainees and interns